Taylor Swift rules!!!

I’ve learned a lot from Taylor Swift songs:

  1. Never attend an award show if your ex-boyfriend is going to be there.
  2. You and your opposite-sex best friend are soul mates.
  3. Never go out with John Mayer.
  4. You don’t know what you don’t know.

All four are absolute pillars for any self-actualization program, but our partners at Cozen O’Connor only found an HR connection with the last – you don’t know what you don’t know. Click here to read “What You Don’t Know May Be Good For You: The Importance of An Effective Wage and Hour Policy” and find out why it is better to not know everything that your employees are doing.


For New York employers: Criminal penalties for wage and hour recordkeeping violations?

Sure, you know you can get in major trouble for discrimination or unsafe working conditions, but what about wage and hour recordkeeping violations?

According to our partners at Jackson Lewis, it could happen! Attorney Noel Tripp has written, “I Can’t Go to Jail for Wage and Hour Recordkeeping Violations – Or Can I?” which tells the stories of a number of New York employers who made some critical errors that catapulted them from civil penalties to criminal penalties.

What did they do? How can you avoid it? Find out by reading the article. Click here.