Let’s get personnel!

I’m sure your files are in tip-top order. I’m sure the cabinets all open and close without jamming, that there are color-coded labels, and you know exactly what’s where. I’m sure you know just what you have to keep in a personnel file, how long you have to keep it, and what needs to be kept separately. I’m sure about you. But just in case, I’m gonna leave this helpful link about personnel files right here. No judgment. I won’t even look at the click stats.


For New York employers: Criminal penalties for wage and hour recordkeeping violations?

Sure, you know you can get in major trouble for discrimination or unsafe working conditions, but what about wage and hour recordkeeping violations?

According to our partners at Jackson Lewis, it could happen! Attorney Noel Tripp has written, “I Can’t Go to Jail for Wage and Hour Recordkeeping Violations – Or Can I?” which tells the stories of a number of New York employers who made some critical errors that catapulted them from civil penalties to criminal penalties.

What did they do? How can you avoid it? Find out by reading the article. Click here.