Obligatory health care reform update here

I bet you saw this coming, but the big news this week in health care reform is MORE DELAYS for employers. Let me break it down for you:

Blah blah blah, Obamacare, blah blah blah, delays, blah blah blah, employer requirements. Click here for blah blah blah from the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, you want a more entertaining disaster? Look no further than this AMAZING performance from the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.


If it makes [employees] happy, it can’t be that baaaaaaaaaaad

As an employer, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your business: the recordkeeping requirements (stay tuned for more on this in a coming article), the bottom line, and, of course, your human resources. Perhaps, though, the focus is on what employees can do for you, when it might be helpful to consider what you can do for employees. I’m pretty sure having a happy workforce makes running a business much smoother. (HR professionals, preach!)

So, what makes employees happy? Money, security, balance? Click here for a fantastic info-graphic that shows the answer.

Your worst nightmare: FMLA. Intermittent. Leave.

Apparently, those are the three words that strike fear into the hearts of employers everywhere. I wouldn’t know, I just write the jokes. In any case—or, more accurately, in this court case, the employer fired the employee for taking more time off than he was certified for under FMLA, but did not allow the employee to “recertify,” one of FMLA’s very technical steps.

The result? The employer was found guilty… OF MURDER! No, that was a lie. I’m sorry. Click here to read about the real result.

This. Is HRSimple.com

Attention readers! The Iowa Online HR Library is now available!  Featuring federal and state-specific updates to both legal issues and best practices, these newly improved resources are ready for purchase:

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This! Is HRsimple.com

Attention readers! The Massachusetts Online HR Library is now available onHRsimple.com—a website that provides the same great material in an online format. Featuring federal and state-specific updates to both legal issues and best practices, this newly improved online resource is ready for purchase!

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(Also I would feel like a terrible Chicagoan if I didn’t reference our recent hockey rivalry, so I will just say this: it’s not like it is the WTBA championship on the line.)

New York – Your suggested daily serving of labor law updates

I don’t know how you guys like your coffee, but personally I take mine with a side of employment law. If you are like me, then I have the perfect conference for you. On June 20th our partners at Jackson Lewis are hosting the “Melville 25th Anniversary Breakfast Series – Disability Management: Take Two Asprin and Call Human Resources in the Morning.” If the conference is half as fun as that title is, then I am sure you are in for a treat!

Click here for more information and to register.

Virginia – Attention all stalkers: STOP!

A little while ago we told you about a new law that makes it illegal for employers to give out their employees’ personal information. If you completely ignored us at the time, we understand, it hurts, but we understand. Now is the time to listen up because this law goes into effect on July 1st. To recap the new law says employers can’t disclose a current or past employees’ phone number, email address, shift times, or work schedule to any third party. The law seems unclear as to whether you can discuss their current celebrity crush or what their favorite pizza toppings are, so use your best judgment there. If you are curious about mine, it is: Ryan Gosling and green peppers.

To read more about the new law, click here.