Rar! The office monster attacks!

One of the most important aspects of good leadership is the ability to communicate with those who work alongside you. But so many people struggle with this. They’re frustrated, so they yell. They cut people off in meetings. They say “Nevermind. I’ll just do it myself.” Why?

According to Dr. Sylvia LaFair, a leadership coach and psychologist, it’s because we learn how to communicate at a very young age and are shaped by our family’s communication style. For example, someone from a large family might have had to fight to be heard at the dinner table and now brings that attitude to the boardroom. It’s an interesting idea – so much so that many managers and coaches are looking to identify childhood origins of harmful behavior so that they can be addressed and fixed to create more positive work environments. Dr. LaFair  has identified 13 different types of patterns of office behavior and the family dynamics that likely shaped them.

Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal has written “How Dad’s Yelling Can Spawn an Office Tyrant,” which covers this topic in greater depth and provides you with solutions on how to address negative behaviors. Don’t miss it! Click here for the article.