Let’s be e-cquaintances

Back in the day making friends was easy, you would just go up to the kid with the new Red Power Ranger action figure and ask if he wanted to battle with your sweet new Raphael Ninja Turtle. Boom, new BFF. Now the Internet has complicated issues a bit. How are you supposed to build business relationships if you can’t shake hands and exchange cards? Our real life BFFs at the Georgia Chamber have a webinar coming up that shows you how.

To learn more and to register click here. Click here to see what happens when the Turtles battled alongside the Rangers, spoiler: puns are involved.



You can’t ask me that!

The hiring process can be stressful. You need to have the right job description. You need to make sure your employment applicants are up to snuff. You need to find an applicant who thinks your jokes are funny. So much to do! Like, did you know can’t ask someone where they were born in an interview? Well, ya can’t! Turns out there are a bunch of things you shouldn’t ask an applicant. Check out more of them here.

Don’t discriminate based on sex. (P.S. – Not religion either)

We already warned you that the EEOC is going to be cracking down on sexual discrimination, but they must have two whips because experts say they are cracking down on religious discrimination as well. Those regular Indiana Joneses at the EEOC are filing more religious discrimination suits than ever, and employers need to protect themselves. But religious discrimination means more than just hiring or not hiring an applicant based on faith – it impacts dress codes, leave, and more. Our partners at Fisher & Phillips have the scoop.

indiana jones whip

Indiana Jones might just work for the EEOC

The donning (and doffing) of a new era

Do you have to pay employees for the time they spend putting on safety gear? A huge new ruling taking off from the Supreme Court last week thinks maybe not. The Big Court decided that putting on safety gear counts as regular old changing clothes. (Probably because of that trend in the ’90s when we all wore goggles for fun.) The impact: Let’s say a union has agreed that time changing clothes is not compensable, now this also includes time spent putting on their safety gear.

Click here for a professional breakdown from authors of the Nebraska HR Library, Knudsen Law Firm.

Doing your best to keep your best

Sure, nobody likes a quitter (that’s why people still smoke, right?), but when your company loses a great worker, you can’t help but think it might have been your fault. And maybe it was! (There’s a bolstering thought!) Don’t despair—we’ve found some help.

Click here for the “Top 10 ways to ensure your best people will quit” and then don’t do those things.

Colorado – The grass isn’t greener – marijuana and the workplace

We already told you about how you can still FIRE an employee for FIRING one up (comedic geniuses that we are), but turns out there are more employment law issues related to legalizing marijuana than just the ability to terminate. Policies, federal regulations, what snacks you keep in the kitchen – a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Click here to learn more about what you should be doing to stay in the green…LOL.