Tennessee – Safety first: Gun law update

Hey, you know how employers can fire employees who violate their weapons policy by keepings guns in their trunks on company property? Well a bill that would take that right away has been shot down. Still, the experts at Ford Harrison advise caution before pulling the trigger on a termination. Click here for more.


Let’s get personnel!

I’m sure your files are in tip-top order. I’m sure the cabinets all open and close without jamming, that there are color-coded labels, and you know exactly what’s where. I’m sure you know just what you have to keep in a personnel file, how long you have to keep it, and what needs to be kept separately. I’m sure about you. But just in case, I’m gonna leave this helpful link about personnel files right here. No judgment. I won’t even look at the click stats.

Obligatory health care reform update here

I bet you saw this coming, but the big news this week in health care reform is MORE DELAYS for employers. Let me break it down for you:

Blah blah blah, Obamacare, blah blah blah, delays, blah blah blah, employer requirements. Click here for blah blah blah from the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, you want a more entertaining disaster? Look no further than this AMAZING performance from the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

If it makes [employees] happy, it can’t be that baaaaaaaaaaad

As an employer, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your business: the recordkeeping requirements (stay tuned for more on this in a coming article), the bottom line, and, of course, your human resources. Perhaps, though, the focus is on what employees can do for you, when it might be helpful to consider what you can do for employees. I’m pretty sure having a happy workforce makes running a business much smoother. (HR professionals, preach!)

So, what makes employees happy? Money, security, balance? Click here for a fantastic info-graphic that shows the answer.

All my pregnant ladies! All my pregnant ladies!

Pregnancy just got a little bit sweeter for New Jersey employees. Aside from having that “pregnancy glow” and the joy of knowing that you are bringing life into the world, expecting mothers now have the right to reasonable accommodation in New Jersey. A new New (yeah, Mircrosoft word, I did mean to say new twice) Jersey law reinforces the already strong New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJ LAD) and states that employers must offer reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees (as well as new mothers) and cannot discriminate against an employee for pregnancy related reasons. Go moms!

To learn more about this new law from our buds at Cozen O’Connor, click here. And make sure to check out the updated discrimination section of your New Jersey Human Resources Manual here.

Nebraska – Look out corner: show me your money edition

A newly introduced bill has a few people saying “that’s private!” If passed the bill would require employers with 50 or more employees to list their employees’ salaries publicly. While some are upset that this would be an invasion of privacy and could cause some awkwardness around the office, the bill wouldn’t post employee names. It WOULD post age, gender, years of service, and job title….so, it doesn’t take Sherlock’s skills to piece that together. Whether or not the bill will pass is unclear, but what is clear is that we will keep you in the loop. For now, click here to read more.


Sherlock doesn’t have to use his mind palace to crack this code.

Let’s be e-cquaintances

Back in the day making friends was easy, you would just go up to the kid with the new Red Power Ranger action figure and ask if he wanted to battle with your sweet new Raphael Ninja Turtle. Boom, new BFF. Now the Internet has complicated issues a bit. How are you supposed to build business relationships if you can’t shake hands and exchange cards? Our real life BFFs at the Georgia Chamber have a webinar coming up that shows you how.

To learn more and to register click here. Click here to see what happens when the Turtles battled alongside the Rangers, spoiler: puns are involved.