Oregon – It’s a good time to get sick in Portland (not really, I’m sure you are all thankful for your health)

Remember all that “lookout cornering” we did about Portland sick leave? Well the final rules were published! And there were some changes! That means you really need to check out this update from authors of Model Policies and Forms for Oregon Employers, Barran Liebman. (Log in and click here to see the updated policy, if you are into that sort of thing!)


Small gestures, big impacts – advice from an expert

I know you guys are used to seeing legal advice from our besties at Ogletree Deakins, but this week they’ve got something different we’d like to share: an interview with one of the firm’s founders discussing best practices to improve employee relations. Click here for “Giving Thanks: In Employee Relations, Small Gestures Go a Long Way—An Interview With Law Firm Founder Jimmie Stewart.” (Hey, would ya look at that? It’s on theme!)

Pennsylvania – Mark your calendars!

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry is hosting the 2013 Annual Human Resources Conference on December 3 at Hershey Lodge! Come for professional development programs, expert advice, and I’m guessing probably some chocolate!

When? December 3, 2013

Where? Hershey Lodge

How much? $295 for members, $345 for non-members

Click here for more information and to register!

Does HRU stand for “Human Resources” Update or “Healthcare Reform” Update? I can’t tell anymore.

Another week, another newsletter… another breakdown of what has been delayed in health care reform! (No, this isn’t as much fun as puff pastry, but I’m trying to prepare you for success in all your endeavors because we’re grateful you are here. Thank you!)


Let’s also give thanks to our pals at Ford Harrison and their breakdown of health care reform’s latest, which can be found here.

Giving thanks in the workplace

Do you and your friends and family go around the table saying what you are thankful for each year at Thanksgiving? If that’s the kind of thing that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, here’s a helpful list for reflecting on what you should be thankful for in the office.  The little idea: take some time to figure out who to thank this year…then thank them. The big idea: Being grateful can make your company great.

And click here if you need a last-minute, make-ahead party snack for this weekend. (Spoiler alert: it’s a recipe for cheesy pastry puffs! Watch your back, Grands! biscuits.)

New Jersey – An extra Washington per hour

On January 1 New Jersey hourly employees will have something more to celebrate than just the start of a new Justin Bieber calendar – the minimum wage is going up! Effective January 1, 2014 (that is the January 1 that is coming up, not the one in 14 months, sometimes that is tricky) the minimum hourly rate will raise a whole dollar to $8.25 per hour. I told you to never say never, baby!
To read more, click here.