Missouri – Are you up for the challenge?

Time to bust out your “I heart MO” shirts ­– the Missouri Chamber of Commerce wants to show you what it means to be a leader! Leadership Missouri is a program built to identify leaders around the state, help them develop their leadership skills and educate them on the needs of the state. Participants travel the state, meet with community members and hone their business skills. Sound like something you might be interested in? Click here for more info.


Broaden your HR-izons

I hate to say it but the world of HR is not very humorous. Sure every once in a while you hear a funny “I’m late to work because a bat flew into my apartment and I’m trapped in my closet” story, but mostly it’s a lot of paperwork. So when I find something entertaining and HR related I feel the need to share. Ford and Harrison’s new blog (EntertainHR) analyzes entertainment topics from an HR point of view, and it is entertaining. Much like this corgi wearing a life jacket jumping into a lake gif.

Check it out here.

Blowing the whistle just got easier

Previously if you wanted to make a complaint to OSHA you had to submit it in writing or orally – so old fashioned! The big wigs at OSHA finally got with the new millennium and introduced an online form that employees can use to make complaints under the 22 whistleblower statues. The form is available 24 hours, which to me sounds like a recipe for some 2 am, drunken complaints but hey, I’m not a whistleblowing expert. For more information click here.

DOL takes the DOMA out of FMLA

Do you remember when we were all “this DOMA being struck down thing is gonna change a whole bunch of stuff”? Well we said it, and now it is happening. The DOL has updated their FMLA “Fact Sheet” to remove references to Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and clarify who qualifies as a spouse. So break out your leave policies and make sure they are with the times. If you don’t know exactly how to do that, read this article by our partners at Ogletree Deakins. We will keep you updated with any further post-DOMA fallout.

New York – Did you remember about those wage deduction amendments?

Well our partners at Squire Sanders (authors of Wages and Hours – An Employer’s Guide) are here to refresh your memory. In their article, “New Wage Deduction Regulations To Go Into Effect Soon: New York Employers Be Prepared” they include all the new deductions employers can make from an employee’s pay. You probably want to click here and go check out the list.  I probably want you to ship me some cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar.

Pennsylvania – On the forefront of changing tides

In a recent Pennsylvania case, the Supreme Court held that death benefits can be given to same-sex spouses.  This is big, big news for Pennsylvania, but also big, big news for the country if other states adopt the same reasoning. Somebody’s got to be the first penguin in the water! Click here to drink up more about the case that’s making waves.

(I’m not sure why this article has an oceanic theme. Just go with the flow.)