What is this in my email? Oh, just the NLRB

The unpredictable weather here in Chicago is really killing my style. Every morning I struggle with the booties/gladiator sandals/rainy-day moccasins decision. So I can completely relate to how you feel about the NLRB’s view on organized labor using company e-mail systems. One day they are all “no way dude” and now they are all “mmm, alright,” could “nah brah” be next? One thing I do know: it’s time to make sure your e-mail policy is up-to-date. Another thing I know: if I wear rain boots to work, it will not rain a drop and I will look like a fool.

To read more about how the NLRB is impacting your email policy click here. And for those of you who are feeling my style pain, here is an app that suggests an outfit for you based on the local forecast.


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