Iowa – Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks

Looking for a new way to train your employees in everything from accountability to creativity? (Yes, evidently you can train someone to be creative.) Looking to do this magical new way of training for less? Well you are in luck! ATW training is offering a 15% discount to ABI members. Act now to get these awesome instructional tools working to educate your staff!

Click here for to learn more and sign up.


Florida – The future is in the sky

If you are looking for a way to get new software, save money, and want to be more involved with clouds…you are very needy, but alas I can help you out. The Florida Chamber has put together an app store, featuring access to hundreds of business-focused, cloud-based apps. Most of the over 1,500 apps are less than $10. Also because they are cloud-based you don’t have to worry about upgrades, new hardware, or how to install anything. Nothing to do with cumulonimbus, but still pretty neat.

To learn more and to see the list of apps, click here.

HRSimple how to

I don’t know want to come off all braggy but I need to tell you about this  super sweet page on Our FreeSources page is a one-stop shop for all your HRsimple needs. Want to check out some awesome blogs from our authors, we’ve got you covered. If you need to laugh, check out our social media links. If you’re looking for the hottest government links, look no further. This page has it all!

If you want to make it your homepage, I totally understand. If you want to keep as your homepage, I get that too. You gotta do what feels right.

There is an app for that: leave addition

I use an app to measure how far I run. I use an app to keep track of my groceries. Okay, I even use an app that tracks my sleep. Yeah, I am using apps in my SLEEP. Our partners at Fisher and Phillips have a new, free app that is sure to save you some time.

The Fisher Phillips FMLA Leave app helps you keep track of how much leave an employee has taken and how much leave they have left. The app even takes care of that pesky “rolling” twelve-month mess. Maybe now that I have this app, I will have more time to use that sleep app!

To learn more and to get the app click here.

This! Is

Attention readers! The Massachusetts Online HR Library is now available—a website that provides the same great material in an online format. Featuring federal and state-specific updates to both legal issues and best practices, this newly improved online resource is ready for purchase!

The Massachusetts Online HR Library features the Massachusetts Human Resources Manual (also available in hard-copy—give us a call!), a comprehensive guide to your employment law questions.

You can order the set by going to or by calling us at (866) 439-2227. And keep in mind, a new subscription to the Massachusetts HR Library means another year of this occasionally pragmatic, mostly effervescent newsletter.

(Also I would feel like a terrible Chicagoan if I didn’t reference our recent hockey rivalry, so I will just say this: it’s not like it is the WTBA championship on the line.)

New York – under bright lights interns are employees

New York City may be known for its theater scene, but check out this off-Broadway drama: interns on the movie Black Swan have been deemed employees by a New York judge. I’m not telling you this because it’s the closest I get to juicy employment law gossip (if such a thing exists), but because unpaid intern lawsuits are trending in a big way. And this ruling comes down under both federal and New York State law.

Click here to read how this could impact your company from our partners at Reed Smith.

Nebraska – get ready to mark your calendars

Our buddies at the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce are partnering with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce to host Nebraska’s 2013 Legislative Summit – and they’ve set a date! OnAugust 8th, at the Air and Space Museum (!!!), legislation will be summited. Nebraska’s senators and congressmen will field questions, in addition to other speakers and a session dedicated solely to Nebraska tax reform. It may not sound like a party – but it does sound incredibly informative and a great way to get involved.