Calling all employees: If you’re tired of thinking for yourself, this app is for you!

DISCLAIMER: Please forward this to anyone you know who, after all that we’ve been through with social media in the workplace, is still tweeting about how much they hate their job.

There’s a new app on the market called FireMe! designed to review your tweets for content that could potentially result in an adverse employment action. You know, just in case you aren’t capable of making sound, reflective decisions on your own—now a computer can help you do it.

May I offer a humble suggestion? Perhaps fire anyone working for you who uses this app? It seems to me that any employee who needs on an app to tell them that publicly posting on the Internet “I hate my dumb idiot boss—what a dumb idiot” could be damaging to their career might not be the kind of person you want making decisions for your company. (That’s not to say employers always make the best decisions – click here for 15 things you won’t believe bosses asked their employees to do.)

And click here to read more about FireMe! from our partners at Squire Sanders.


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