Personal emails for official business: #ITproblems

The government was full of handy HR examples last week! Up next: Employees—and government officials—who compromise information security by using unsecure email addresses. Your office email addresses may be safe and sound thanks to your company server, but are your employees forwarding information to their personal, breachable accounts? Whether it’s to print work at home, or access reports on the hour-long train commute, employees may be inadvertently endangering corporate information.

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Shorter, better, faster, stronger resumes?

That’s the news from The Wall Street Journal. The Internet has become a crucial recruiting tool thanks to job-posting sites like Monster, but what’s trending now are job posts on twitter resulting in 140-character resumes from applicants. Which is good, because reading a whole resume? Ain’t nobody got time fo that. Click here to read how it works.

“It might be unprofessional of me to notice you look nice today.”

Raise your hand if your HR-spidey senses went off last week after President Obama complimented the California attorney general on her appearance. (Let the record show that I would raise my hand but I am very tired today.)

Well, you weren’t the only one. Compliments in the workplace can weeble to the wobbly side of sexual harassment, as remarking on a coworker’s or employee’s appearance could be seen as inappropriate or make the recipient uncomfortable.

Click here to read “When Are Appearance Compliments Objectifying Insults?” to see how this type of seemingly innocent remark can affect the workplace.

And click here to see a duck being chased by a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba.


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HRsimple how-to

It has just dawned on me that I have been a terrible hostess. For the past year we have been discussing our new website,, but I haven’t taken the time to show you how things work – my B! In this new section of the HRU we will spotlight the best ways to use Ready? Okay, here are some tips for conducting searches on HRS (isn’t that a cute nickname?):

  • The more characters you use, the better your results will be. So instead of searching “I 9” try “I 9 form”. Otherwise you run the risk of seeing any ole combination of those two little symbols.
  • To target your search to your specific state, use the “search this resource” field, which can be found on the top left side of the screen once you have clicked on any of your guide’s chapters.
  • If you are looking for a policy, say so! Try “smoking policy” instead of just “smoking”.

Woosh! I feel so much better about that hosting faux-pas. HRS away!