Easter – is it day-off worthy?

For most of you, no, but some of you get Dyngus Day off


To do: checklists to understand group health plan requirements – CHECK!

Raise your hand if you love checklists and are confused about group health plan requirements! (Let the record show that I am raising my hand.)

Good news! Ye old Department o’ Labor has released not one but TWO checklists designed to help employers test their compliance with some of these health care reform requirements that none of us really understand but all of us read about in this newsletter constantly.

Click here to read more and to get your hands on those checklists.

Exhausted FMLA leave (as in no more, not tired)

Do you guys get the Texas Business Report from our partners at the Texas Association of Business? It’s a great newsletter—especially for those readers in Texas. But I am especially fond of its mostly federally applicable “Workforce Q&A” column—probably for the same reasons I’m always trolling through Yahoo! Answers for help.

Anyway, a recent Workforce Q&A answered a reader question regarding FMLA, and since FMLA is ATR right now (all the rage—geez, haven’t we been over this?), I wanted to share. Click here to see if you can fire an employee who has exhausted FMLA leave but hasn’t returned to work (and also a whole bunch more helpful questions (and their answers, obvi)).

How to spot ah-maz-ing employees

Apparently being a great employee means more than just bringing donuts every so often and telling hilarious jokes during company meetings. Who knew? Well Inc.com knew and compiled a list of “10 things really amazing employees do.” Once you learn to spot these traits in your staff, you can begin to reward and advance the most promising employees. Or maybe you can give them stickers, people like stickers.

Click here to read the whole list. Click here to check out some bitchin’ stickers.

We are never, ever going to understand health care reform

If you think keeping up with Taylor Swift’s love life is hard (burn!), you probably haven’t tried to figure out what the heck is going on with Health Care Reform. Luckily our partners at the Iowa Association of Business (ABI) and Industry are here to help you out. Those nice folks over at ABI have hooked you up with a video explaining the health benefits waiting period. Which is great because ain’t nobody got time to waste on that nonsense.

Click here to watch the video from ABI.

The brackets are coming, the brackets are coming!

Actually, by the time you read this, the brackets for this year’s NCAA March Madness are probably already there, in your office and on the minds of almost everyone in the office.

Challenger Gray and Christmas estimates that over the first two days of the tournament, at least $134 million in wages will be paid to discuss, ponder and watch to see if this is the year a #16 will take down a #1, which of the 5 / 12 seed upsets are a sure thing, or if there will be more bear or bird mascots advancing past the 2nd round (put me down for “bears” ­– Iowa State does not count as a bird, regardless of what the mascot looks like).

But they can be a good thing. Check out Recognizing and Potentially Embracing the Madness of March by our partners at Jackson Lewis.

And if you want to make your picks sans any bias, check out the Wall Street Journal’s Blindfold Brackets.