Non-union? Not a problem for NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has once again made its business the business of a business employing non-union workers. (I think the NLRB needs to pull a Nick Lachey and stay out of it.)

On January 8th, 2013, the NLRB decided Quicken Loans violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) with their confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements. The agreements prohibited employees from doing a whole bunch of stuff, including:

  • sharing current or former coworkers’ home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses
  • sharing coworkers’ “information pertaining to work and non-work schedules”
  • “publicly criticiz[ing], ridicul[ing], disparag[ing], or defam[ing]” Quicken or its “products, services, policies…”
  • sharing any negative information regarding Quicken Loans “made via websites, blogs, postings to the internet, or emails”

Click here to read more about the NLRB/Quicken Loans case.  (And then maybe review your company’s confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements.)


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