Vegans are employees too

I’ve long said that I pray at the Temple of Bacon, and while I said this in jest, it turns out there might be some truth to the coming together of food and religion.

A vegan woman in Ohio claimed religious discrimination when she was fired from her hospital job for refusing to get a flu shot. The vaccine was grown in chicken eggs, and she said it violated her belief that consuming animals or their by-products is wrong. The woman cited Bible verses to support her claim that using the vaccine violated her “moral or ethical beliefs.” While the court decided in her favor, noting she has no contact with patients and thus did not need the vaccine, it also cited that her claim of religious discrimination had merit.

Click here to check out our partners at Ogletree Deakins’s breakdown of the case. Also, check out these foods you thought were vegan/vegetarian but totally aren’t or these junk foods that are surprisingly vegan.


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