HRUtube holiday bonus round

We are so sorry…we just realized we never gave you a holiday present! Our bad. To make it up to you here are a bunch of videos (way better than a gift card to Starbucks) – happy holidays from everyone at the HRU!


Let’s talk about health care reform… again.

It was widely reported last week that 25 states (including Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and Ohio) have opted out of running their own insurance exchanges come next October, forcing the federal government to take up the task.  What does this Obamacare drama bear mean for you? You still need to know if your company is required to comply.

Iowa readers will recognize this video from a few weeks ago—we got such a good response on it we thought it would be helpful for the rest of you readers across the states—click here for an audiovisual look at the PPACA that answers the question, “Is your company required to comply?”, put together by our partners at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

No-brainer firing requires more thought

A recent court finding has decided that a firefighter fired for starting a fire violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as the firefighter who started a fire and was fired had a history of mental illness that the department did not assess before the firing.

What should they have done? Fire up those web browsers and click here to read the detailed recap of the case and find out.

Hanna’s Recipes: The new “HR”

If you’ve been haunting the Weather Channel’s White Christmas Forecast page, your hopes and dreams ebbing in the flow of what is “possible” and “likely” (and the dreaded, unspoken “unlikely”), you probably really want to see some snow soon. (That’s me. I’m talking about me.)

The forecast isn’t looking too white for a lot of us right now, so I say we make our own snow… in the form of coconut cake!

It’s white, it’s light, it’s fluffy, and you’ll feel a lot better about eating the yellow parts. Sure it seems a little labor intensive, but you’re off work and you can’t go sledding. Bottom line: Your heart may be aching, but your stomach doesn’t have to.

Always be prepared, and not just for poison ivy

Now that the blizzard season is upon us – yeah, I am looking at you Florida – let’s take a minute to go over some basic survival tips: keep candles and matches in an easy to access spot, try to keep a well-stocked pantry, and always dibs the top hat when Monopoly is suggested. I think the Boy Scouts summed it up best when they said “always be prepared” and also “look out for poison ivy.”

The Boy Scouts and I are not the only one thinking of your safety though. Click here to read what the Iowa Association of Business and Industry advises for prepping for disasters.