Numbers Game: Hiring in Q4

As I’m sure you know, the unemployment rate for September, 2012 dipped down to 7.8%.  And that’s great news – but how are things looking in the job market?

CareerBuilder released a study this week which polled the hiring outlooks of more than 2,000 employers throughout the country.  And things are definitely looking up.

Here are the numbers:

  • 26% of employers plan on hiring full-time employees in the 4th quarter (up 5% from last year).
  • 22% of employers say the outcome of the election will influence or affect their hiring in the 4th quarter.
  • 32% of employers added full-time employees in Q3 (that’s now).
  • 9% of employers anticipate cutting headcount in the 4th quarter (down from 10% last year).
  • These numbers are the strongest since 2007.

To read all the statistics from the CareerBuilder study, click here.  And to read a summarizing press release, click right here.


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