Numbers Game: Hiring in Q4

As I’m sure you know, the unemployment rate for September, 2012 dipped down to 7.8%.  And that’s great news – but how are things looking in the job market?

CareerBuilder released a study this week which polled the hiring outlooks of more than 2,000 employers throughout the country.  And things are definitely looking up.

Here are the numbers:

  • 26% of employers plan on hiring full-time employees in the 4th quarter (up 5% from last year).
  • 22% of employers say the outcome of the election will influence or affect their hiring in the 4th quarter.
  • 32% of employers added full-time employees in Q3 (that’s now).
  • 9% of employers anticipate cutting headcount in the 4th quarter (down from 10% last year).
  • These numbers are the strongest since 2007.

To read all the statistics from the CareerBuilder study, click here.  And to read a summarizing press release, click right here.


A darn good reason to pay your employees their wages

I could do a lot with the $640 million that Walmart paid employees over the past few years in the name of lawsuits and unpaid wages (including but not limited to completing my Star Wars action figure collection and being the next man to skydive from space).

But Walmart isn’t the only company finding themselves in hot water – here are a few common wage mistakes companies are making:

  • Not putting wage agreements in writing
  • Averaging hours worked over two or more weekends
  • Deducting money from pay without written authorization

Moral of the story?  Don’t be cheap.   To find out other common mistakes and learn more about what you can do to avoid them, click here.

Survey says!: I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Well, at least not in most of your offices.  Last week’s survey was:

How likely is it that your office will be dressed in costume next Wednesday for Halloween?

Almost 60% of you will not be participating in any office trick-or-treating, while almost 14% of you will have the opportunity to put yourself out there and dress like a Honey Boo Boo, or a replacement NFL referee or a hurricane.  See the full results here.

Survey says! Christmas and New Year’s Eve off?

It seems that the holiday season comes earlier and earlier every year. To my pleasant surprise, Starbucks is already releasing their holiday cd. As I plan my holiday travels, I can’t help but notice that Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on Tuesdays, which makes me wonder: How likely are you to give your employees Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off?

Survey says!: More than 50% of those of you who responded will more than likely be giving Bob Cratchit those two Mondays off.  At the other end, more than 40% will more than likely be Scrooging that Monday.

HRUtube(s): breaking up is hard to do

I am not sure how many of you follow Taylor Swift on Instagram, but if you do you will know that she is counting down to the release of her new record, Red. We here at the HRU could not be more excited, and can not stop watching her video for “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”

As Taylor struggles to communicate to her ex that things are over for realsies, I want to take a minute to help you through your breakup process. This article breaks down the best termination practices, so that you don’t end up in Tay-Tay’s position.

Now a breaking up video for both ends of the spectrum: Neil Sedaka and Taylor Swift.

Free to vote, but free to leave work?

You know, I love this country – especially during election season.  Not only does this tried and true process allow me to see democracy at work, but it also allows me to leave work to vote.

I wonder, when I leave the office to cast my ballot, does my employer have to pay me for the time I missed participating in democracy?  Would the answer be different for my cousin Alan in Alaska?

These are questions you need the answers to – and you can easily be supplied with them by registering for the Ogletree Deakins webinar, “Voting Leave Rights: Are You Ready For The November Elections?”

This webinar is complimentary and will be held on October 24, 2012, from 2:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern. Click here to learn more.  Click here to register.