Numbers Game: Vacation edition

Welcome to another edition of Numbers Game, where we prove time and time again that statistics can be used for more than just Geico commercials. This week’s topic:  vacation time.

Do you feel you get enough vacation time?  Do you have enough time to use all the days allotted to you?  Do you want to save 15% or more on your car insurance?  These are all good questions.  And some of them were answered in a recent study by, entitled, “Summer Vacation Outlook:  Diving at the Pool – or Drowning at Work?”

The study, which polled over 5,000 full-time U.S. workers, asked a variety of questions regarding the use of vacation time in (or out, rather) of the workplace.

And so, here are the numbers:

  • 19% of workers said they can’t afford a vacation.
  • 38% of workers planned a “staycation” this year (for more on staycations, watch the Burbs, starring Tom Hanks).
  • 23% of polled workers have stayed at work while their families vacationed without them (57% of whom were presumably named Eeyore).
  • 37% of managers expect their vacationing employees to check in with them while they’re out of the office (for more on the legal implications of doing so – check out HR Simple’s Wages and Hours – An Employer’s Guide).

Click here to learn the full details of the CareerBuilder study – presented to you in the form of the ever-so-nifty infographic.


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