Broaden your HR-izons

Being an HR professional, I’m sure you’ve spent more time than you’d like discussing the employment pre-screening grey areas that are social media sites.  (You know, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and…what’s that other one?)  If only there were a separate social media site just for human resources professionals, where you could connect with HR colleagues and read updates on what matters in your field (and without having to sift through such pertinent information as, “Jamie is pumped for “Game of Thrones” tonight!!!”).

Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for you), somebody already thought HR could use a social networking site long before the idea came to me.  (I always just miss it.  Someone even beat me to the punch on iBalls.)  That’s right – there is a social media site specifically for HR professionals:

On, you can find a wealth of networking opportunities, HR resources, and even post questions to get advice on how to tackle some of those trickier HR issues.  Just a few features of include:

  • free employment law webinars
  • dozens of links to HR bloggers
  • online certifications for HR specialty areas
  • HR comic strips!

The site offers free membership, and (much like LinkedIn) offers a premium membership for a monthly fee.

Click here to check out


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