Stress Less

Welcome to another installment of HR Update‘s Stress Less, a segment that has been devoted to providing you with fun and interesting websites you can click through during your work breaks.

Have you heard of the animated gif? No? Well, here’s an example of one. And another. And another. Quirky, right?

Now that you know what gifs are, you’re probably wondering what value they can add to your workday. It’s simple: you can let gifs speak for you in your emails. And trust me, your coworkers will love it.

Here’s an example of how to use a gif. Maybe you just found out you have to come in to work on Saturday – you could send an email to your work friends, saying:

“Just learned I have to come into the office this weekend. My reaction?

 And that’s that – more thoughtful than a forward, quicker than a video link. Gifs are the finest get-in-and-get-out chuckle provider the Internet has to offer. So go ahead,smile.


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