Numbers Game: Disaster Edition

It’s time yet again for another edition of HR Update‘s Numbers Game.

This week’s topic:  workplace disasters (cue lightning crashes, creepy theramin, and this guy).

If your workplace – secular reference forbid – were hit by some kind of disaster (be it a fire, a natural disaster, or a cyber attack) would your office be ready to handle it?  A recent study by shows there’s a good chance you might not be. 

Here are the numbers:

  • 28% of employers don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, while 53% do have plans readied.
  • Just 60% of employers feel their employees would know the proper steps to take should a disaster occur.
  • Only 36% of businesses are prepared for a cyber attack.
  • 19% of employers don’t even know if their businesses have plans for disaster recovery.

For more numbers and some tips on how to get your workplace prepared for a disaster, click here to read the study from

For a nifty infographic of the data, click here.


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