Tickle me HR

Nowadays it seems as though there is an app for everything. Some of them are useful, like the flashlight app when you need to find something in your basement locker. Some of them are not so useful – see “Tickle Me”. While apps make your morning commute more entertaining, did you ever think about their applications once you’ve clocked in? Well, the brainiacs at Projections Inc. sure have! They’ve compiled a very helpful list of 11 Apps that will help your HR department out. Here are a few of my faves:

  • Wunderlist: a virtual to-do list that syncs across all your devices and allows you to share tasks with your contacts.
  • Labor Stats: the United States Department of Labor can send me up to the minute numbers and facts? I would be a fool not to download this right away!
  • Direct report: an organizational app that allows you to jot notes on employees individually so when employee evaluation time rolls around, you’ve already got the job mostly done!

To check out the rest of the list click here. To learn more about completely useless apps, click here.


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