How to keep your boss happy – numbered list edition

One thing most all of us strive for as employees is simply keeping the boss happy. (Some of us don’t feel that’s a top priority, though. His name is Gary, and he works at Six Flags now.) On the other side of things – if you are the boss – you know there are certain ways you want your employees conduct themselves in order to keep you happy. All too often, though, what keeps a boss happy isn’t clearly communicated.

So how can employees know what a boss expects of them – and, conversely, how can an employer make plain to employees what they need to do to stay on the good side of things?

Enter numbered list (from stage right) to save the day! A recent article from, entitled “8 Things Great Bosses Demand from Employees,” outlines – almost predictably – 8 things great bosses should be clearly asking for from their employees, including:

  • if something’s going wrong, tell the boss right away (don’t let it snowball)
  • leave the jargon at the door – speak plainly (lots of stuff is getting left outside this week, huh?)
  • don’t take on more than you can handle (shouldering more work doesn’t help the company if you can’t get it done).

Using my calculator – issued by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of the Treasury (inter-HR Update reference, numero dos!) – there are still 5 things great bosses demand from employees that you need to learn! (Sadly, blind praise and personality mirroring didn’t make the cut. Sorry, Andy Bernard.)


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