Leaving it at the door

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Leave it at the door?” I think it’s safe to say you have. Not that it was directed at you, of course. You probably just overheard someone in the office saying it – probably to Brenda. (That Brenda – she’s a mess, isn’t she?)

Now that we’re certain everybody knows what “Leave it at the door” means, we can tackle a bigger question: What do you do when your emotional troubles start on the other side of that door? That is to say, in the office.

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal covers that very topic. The article – entitled “Don’t Cry (at the Office)” – begins with an anecdotal account of one such occurrence, and then quickly dives into how you can avoid finding yourself reacting like a regular Brenda.

 To help you deal with emotionally charged issues at work, the article offers advice such as:

  • keep your workplace hierarchy in mind before acting
  • don’t vent about work at work
  • simply, take a walk.

Click here to read “Don’t Cry (at the Office)” to learn more about these coping strategies and get clued in as to what exactly that aforementioned anecdote is really all about. 


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