New ambush rule (spoiler alert: has little to do with tactical warfare)

One day the NLRB is all “post this” and then the next day they are all “just kidding, don’t post that.” It is enough to drive an HR director insane. The NLRB’s newest game changer, the “Ambush Election” rule, went into effect on April 30th, and is super-duper confusing. While the rule hopes to reduce unnecessary litigation to help the NLRB run more effectively, some employers feel that it radically limits their rights to, among other things, communicate with their employees.


The real question is, “What does this mean for you?” And the real answer is, “A lot.” Really, you need to stay on top of this, because if you don’t, you may find yourself a unionized workplace before you know it – almost literally.


To avoid a litigation ambush, read the 6 key changes you need to be aware of (including elections could occur in as little as 14 days) and the 5 suggested actions (including developing a communications strategy and possibly implementing it on a pre-emptive basis) in this summary from Drinker Biddle.


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