I am HR: Hear me roar

Every company has an HR department, even if it is just one of the many responsibilities you have. All too often, though, the people you work with don’t have a clear idea as to why. To them, HR is just something you have around, like baking soda in the refrigerator. But unlike baking soda – which as we all know merely handles recordkeeping, benefits, and the hiring and firing of produce in the crisper bin – HR can have a much bigger impact on a company’s perceived culture and actual success.


A recent blog post by Liz Ryan in Bloomberg Businessweek outlines 10 steps you can take to move your HR department from the back of the fridge to center stage. In the post, you’ll find directives such as:

  • selling the company’s culture to job seekers (boost that image!)
  • building a collaborative culture within the company (to be immediately sold to job seekers)
  • promoting truth telling in the workplace (it wasn’t candor, after all, that killed the cat).

Check out the post now, and learn how to make HR the rock star in your company. (And not even Peter Criss. I’m talking full-on Paul Stanley.) 


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