NLRB poster drama comes to a close?

The latest word is now that you will have to post the new “Notification of Employee Rights” poster by April 30, 2012 or face possible legal consequences. However, those legal consequences cannot include the penalties that were proposed. And just because an employer does not put the poster up does not mean they will automatically be charged with an unfair labor practice. Still confused?

Here is what we are doing – we will continue to monitor Postergate and make sure that we have the posters you need before you will need to post them, which right now is April 30, 2012. But they have moved that date twice now. If you would like to pre-order a new all-in-one federal poster for $10 apiece, please call us at 866-439-2227.

If you would like more information and specifics on what the court said, click on the links below:


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