March Madness – it is here and you can’t stop it

You know it is going to happen – some of the estimated 35 million employees that the NCAA estimates participate in office pools will be working for you. You can try and kibosh the brackets, but it probably won’t do any good, and certainly will not make you Manager of the Year. You can bury your head in the sand and pretend it won’t happen, but it will, and there are some liability issues. Or you can get out ahead of it, embrace it, and make it yours.

Some suggestions:

  • You run the pool.
  • Make any participation voluntary.
  • Make it free to participate and you determine and provide the spoils.
  • Communicate – make sure everyone knows that the work must still get done.
  • Encourage dressing in team colors and/or make the dress code more casual.

For more, check out resources from:

“While many feel such diversion during work must be avoided at all costs, a survey from staffing company Office Team of approximately 1,000 office managers produced some surprising results:

    • 41% believed the tournament positively impacted employee morale
    • 56% did not believe the time spent watching games was a negative
    • 22% stated that they believed workers’ productivity actually increased.”

“Employee morale is crucial for productivity, and would therefore seem counter intuitive for employers hoping to retain a high level of productivity to discourage participation in an activity considered somewhat of a sports holiday.”


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