Holidays are over- but the stress never ends

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully made it through the holidays with your in-laws without having an aneurism.  Unfortunately, we all know that just because the holidays are over, does not mean the stress is gone.  And while the extra bourbon in your eggnog may have helped you survive a few days with your new family, the sad truth is: eggnog is seasonal.

So, what can you do to fight workplace stress year round?  TruYuu and TLNT put together a nice little list (and infographic) for tips to help avoid becoming burnt out on the job.  Below are our top three favorites:

  • Sing a tune
  • Make friends
  • Take a vacation

If your voice is anything like mine, I suggest you leave the singing to Maroon 5. To see all 9 tips, click here!


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