You can call me the HR Headmaster

Personally, people like David Blaine and Chris Angel scare the living daylights out of me.  The last thing I would want is to work under someone whose title was “Corporate Magician”, let alone have any clue what they actually do for the company. In recent years job titles have gone from the tried and true to “fun” titles that are suppose to show off corporate culture and spice things up.

Some of these spicy titles include:

  • Corporate Magician
  • Happiness Advocate
  • Problem Wrangler

So what’s in a title?  Should you keep with traditional one or is it best to have something that sticks out but leaves people confused and unsure of what you actually do?

Click here to see what TLNT has to say about it and feel free to comment on what you would want your title to be if given the choice.


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