Numbers Game: Social Media

Like it or not, social media is affecting business, from firing all the way back to hiring.  And at this point, it is certainly safe to say social media is not a fad.  (Though, even if you tried to tell me otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to hear you over the blaring Spice Girls record I currently have spinning in my office.)

I came across a tweet linking to an article from (an HR and recruiting website) that had some impressive statistics about social media use (taken from a survey conducted by Jobvite) that made it pretty clear just how prevalent social media really is in our society and businesses.

Here are the numbers (taken from the respondents of Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey 2011):

  • 64% of companies have hired through social networks in 2011 (up 6% from the previous year).
  • 48% of people over 35 are on at least one social network.
  • 92% of everyone using a social network is using Facebook.
  • The average age of a Facebook user is 38.
  • 47% of North American companies advertise on Facebook.
  • 55% of companies will increase their budget for social network recruiting.
  • 89% of companies already use social media in hiring or will in the next year.

Click here to read the full article from


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