Avoiding an intern(al) investigation

There are few things businesses like better than cheap labor.  (One, I suppose, would be free labor.)  And a great way for businesses to get cheap or free labor, especially in the summer months, is through the use of interns (or, as I call them, indentured students).

It seems simple enough, exchanging college credit or resume padding for low or no cost labor.  But the Department of Labor (DOL) – as it announced last year – is paying close attention to whether or not your interns really are exempt from minimum wage requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

In the article, “The Hazards of Employing Interns,” you’ll find all six criteria that must be met in order for your interns to be exempt from minimum wage requirements.

If you’ve hired on interns this summer, make sure you’re in compliance, and click here to read the article.


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