On letting go

I learned many things while attending the Ogletree Deakins Workplace Strategies 2011 conference in downtown Chicago a few weeks ago.  The most surprising, perhaps, was during a session entitled, “My Favorite Mistake.”

In the session, the lawyers on the panel – all three of whom represent employees in litigation – agreed that the thing that is most likely to drive an employee over the edge and influence them to sue the company is the way the termination was handled.

We don’t want you to make a termination mistake that could lead to litigation.  So, to help you smoothly terminate employees, let me introduce you to “10 Tips for a Successful Exit Interview” by the free online resource, www.hrtools.com.

In the article, you’ll find such practicable tips as:

  • don’t ask the employee what they will do next
  • be sure to sincerely thank the employee for participation in the exit interview
  • don’t read the questions like a to-do list – show an interest
  • let them know the questions ahead of time.

This is just one resource to help you end a relationship with an employee more delicately.  In the coming weeks, we’ll keep providing more.  So make sure to keep reading your HR Update!

To read “10 Tips for a Successful Exit Interview,” click here.


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