Emeant to say that: email ok’s and no-no’s

Assuming everyone who’s reading this newsletter is above the age of 21, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all sent emails or text messages we really wish we hadn’t (Sorry, Aunt Lucille!).  But while damaging our personal relationships is all well and fine, sending inappropriate or ill-conceived emails at work could really cause some problems.

Good news, though!  I have found an article with a numbered list (our favorite!) that can help you increase employee awareness of proper email conduct.  In the article, entitled “Top ten things employees should know before sending e-mails and when searching for documents,” you’ll find tips such as:

  • treat each email as a formal memorandum
  • make sure employees know that, when it comes to emails, “delete” does not mean delete
  • make clear the dangers of “reply to all”
  • never send an email in anger
  • consider using the telephone.

Click here to download a PDF containing the article.  (There’s lots of good information in the file, but the article we’re talking about will be on page 12.)


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