Should you be paying for an employee’s commute?

Overheard by the HRidiot: “Pay for travel time? Come back when it’s TIME TRAVEL and you go back in time and get more work done!” #inspiringquotes

What do wage and hour laws and eating ice cream too quickly have in common? They both leave you with a serious headache and plenty of regrets.

The issues with labor laws seems to have gotten worse in the past few years, often as a result of technology related to the Internet. With the rise of the Internet and mobile devices, more and more employees have the ability to take their work home with them and employers are often left wondering when employees should be paid for their work that is apparently “off the clock.”

Our partners at Troutman Sanders LLP have taken a special look at this wage and hour topic, in particular how it applies to travel time. The article, “Costly Commutes: An Overview of When Employers Must Pay for Employee Travel Time,” gives you some examples of what circumstances usually make travel time compensable and what circumstances do not. For those who learn better with more stories, there are also a few plain-English case histories that will help you understand what you should be paying for, and hopefully keep you migraine free.

To read the article, click here.

To see which Baskin Robins flavors have been retired to the Deep Freeze, click here.


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