Would you rather? Board retreat, strategic planning session, or herd cats?

Chances are, you pick herding cats if given the choice, especially as we approach the busy holiday season and the idea of putting together board retreats and strategic planning sessions sound like serious pains in the neck.  But if you have a volunteer board and are focused on achieving goals, then we have an alternative to the cats:

Bring Art Roberts and his 40 years of experience, 500+ retreats and 125 strategic planning sessions to your Board.  Art authored both “Operating the Volunteer Organization”, required reading for 11 years by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and “Recognizing Your Role as a Volunteer”.  You can contact Art at arthurroberts@gmail.com or at 512-789-8464, or go to his website by clicking here.

Want to watch cowboys herd cats? Click here.


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