Is your social media policy too harsh?

You know ACCR is big fan of having company policies – heck we publish a whole book called Model Policies and Forms! But there may be an area where your policies are becoming disproportionately strict: social media.

Lance Haun, author of the TLNT human resources blog, recently wrote “Here’s Why You Don’t Really Need a Social Media Policy” in which he discusses how, in his opinion, online activities are treated much more harshly than their “real life” doppelgangers. For example, let’s say you have two employees who say “My boss is crazy.” One says it on his private Facebook account. The other says it in a bar. Both instances get back to the boss. How are these employees treated differently under your policies?

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a social media policy or that you shouldn’t punish employees for activities that paint your company in a bad light, but perhaps he’s right and they should be treated more equally. It’s a topic worth exploring! To read Haun’s article, click here.


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