The Bedbug Craze

There’s a new dance craze sweeping the nation – the Bedbug Itch! New York, Detroit, and Cincinnati have drawn public attention for their bedbug problems, but cases are being reported just about everywhere! Because bedbugs are “hitchhikers” (they move around by riding on furniture, luggage, and clothing), the problem won’t be staying at home. These pesky pests are taking their show on the road and into workplaces. That means employers need to understand their responsibilities.

Our partners at Jackson Lewis have written “Employers don’t need to worry about bedbugs – or do they?” which answers the following questions:

  • Do employers have an obligation to maintain a bedbug-free workplace?
  • What are some recommendations for employers?
  • If an employee reports exposure to bedbugs, such as an infestation in their home, can the employer require the individual to stay home or take measures to ensure that clothing or items brought to work are bedbug free?
  • Can an employee who misses work due to exposure to bedbugs at work be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

To read the answers to these questions, check out the article by clicking here.

For additional information on this hot new bedbug trend and how it’s effecting businesses, read “Bedbugs Bad for Business? Depends on the Business” by Kate Murphy of the New York Times by clicking here.


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