What to expect when you’re expecting (a visit from the DOL)

Remember when you were a kid and you’d hear your mother yell your full name from across the house in a tone that sent shivers up your spine? There was no preparation, no heads up, just the immediate thought, “I’m. In. Trouble.” Well, if you were lucky (like me) to have an older sibling to warn you of the oncoming storm, you’d occasionally be prepared before it hit. So when mom did come home you’d be rehearsed with a list of good reasons why you fudged your report card or why the cat no longer has whiskers.

In the same way, things don’t always go our way in the business world. We may have done nothing wrong at all, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t come demanding answers. If a Department of Labor officer comes to investigate your office, will you be prepared?

In the article, “What to expect when the DOL comes knocking,” you’ll find out what they’re looking for so you can prepare today and easily weather the storm of an investigation. Read the article by clicking here.


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