I’d love to go out, but… I’m kind of already seeing someone

Hiring a new employee is a headache. First, you’re trying to reassign all the responsibilities of the person who left, then you’re writing the job description, sending out the job announcement, scheduling interviews, meeting candidates, calling references, and after what feels like weeks of work, you FINALLY hire someone. And your heart returns to a normal pace.

Go figure – two weeks later you get a resume from a candidate who absolutely rocks your world. It’s so good, you’re drooling.

So what do you do? Fire the recent hire? Keep the new flame on file for the future?

Paul Downs, a New York Times business blogger, brought up this question in his post “Here are my three problems this week” (read the post by clicking here). Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer here so what do you think? What would you do? We welcome you to share your thoughts and comments below.


One thought on “I’d love to go out, but… I’m kind of already seeing someone

  1. Fred Lightly says:

    It’s in poor taste to hire someone and fire them a few days later. Hopefully you hired someone good anyway. Keep the resume on file in case it doesn’t work out with the new employee.

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