Kagan Supreme Court nomination – what does it mean for employers?

If you follow this blog, you know we are often reporting on changes to labor laws. Not only are new laws passed, but sometimes we also see the Courts apply a new interpretation to an old law. So with Elena Kagan now a member of the High Court, it’s time to get out our magnifying glasses and do some detective work to see what employers can expect from the newest Justice.

Fortunately, our partners at Fisher & Phillips have done some investigating for us and have written a solid report that will help employers. Their article, “How Will Kagan Treat Employers” addresses:

  • Who is Kagan Replacing, And Why Does That Matter?
  • What can Kagan’s Background Tell Us About Her Future?
  • Kagan’s Recent Role As Solicitor General Offers Some Clues
  • And more!

Click here to read the article.


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