Instant messaging – the verdict is still out!

We had some great responses to our “Share Your Experience” question last week on the value of instant messaging in the workplace (click here to see them).

Some say it has increased productivity, others said there was too much abuse and the benefit didn’t outweigh the trouble. I think most of the sentiments from the blog posts are covered in Microsoft’s Small Business Center’s “10 Tips for Using Instant Messaging for Business,” so check out this article if you need additional help in determining if instant messaging is a good fit for your company. Click here for the article.

Also, there may be another element to be addressed here. Keep in mind how different generations communicate. I am part of the Generation Y (those born between the 1970’s to 1990’s) and when I have a question or need feedback, my first instinct is to email or IM. I think better when I’m writing and I like having a record of it that I can consult later. So do you need to relax your policies or do you need to train your younger employees the fine art of face-to-face communication? Maybe a little of both. If you’d like more information on generation communication styles, read “Instant Messenger Etiquette” from by clicking here.


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