FREE OSHA webinar from Fisher & Phillips LLP

It seems like all our old friends are turning against us these days. Et tu, Occupational Safety and Health Administration?

In days past, OSHA’s approach to enforcement was cooperative efforts with employers, but our partners at Fisher & Phillips are warning us that significant changes to OSHA are on the way, and we’ve got to be prepared for more aggressive enforcement. To help us get in the know, they have scheduled a FREE webinar on June 2 and 23rd that will cover:

  • New enforcement-focused OSHA and Congressional changes coming in the near future
  • The essential elements of OSHA compliance and an effective workplace safety and health program
  • How safety compliance can be a “profit center” and not an administrative cost

The webinar will hosted by the co-chairs of the Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group at Fisher & Phillips LLP. Did I mention it’s free?

To learn more about the webinar and register, read “Thirteen Strategies To Improve Workplace Safety, Reduce OSHA Exposure and Improve Profitability” by clicking here.


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