Report: Women still not receiving equal pay

There was a time when a woman’s options for a career were limited, but now it’s 2010 and women have the world at their fingertips! They are CEOs, doctors, senators, construction workers, and just about anything you can think of. But according to a recent report from Catalyst, a women’s issues organization, women are still far behind men in job level and compensation. An online survey of professionals who graduated from MBA programs at 26 leading business schools in Asia, Europe, Canada, and the United States, has revealed that women made (on average) $4,600 less in their first jobs. And only 10% of women start at mid-management vs. 19% for men. And men were twice as likely to hold a senior executive position. Discrimination in pay and promotions could lead to hefty fines. To avoid problems, check out the suggestions made by Rebecca Hastings, an online editor at SHRM, by reading “Women Still Playing Catch-Up, Report Finds.” Click here for the article.


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