Share your experience: celebrating employees

Each week, we post a question that the law doesn’t answer. But we know you can! What’s your best practice when it comes to dealing with this issue? To weigh in on the conversation, simply post a comment below. It’s easy – no sign-up is required!

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This week’s question:

Q: We had to let people go because the economy has been so bad. My remaining employees are taking on more projects at no extra pay. What can I do to show them I appreciate their efforts without opening my wallet too much?

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3 thoughts on “Share your experience: celebrating employees

  1. Melissa says:

    For extra perks, without extra costs, we sometimes offer paid time off. This shows that you appreciate someone, but no added costs are involved. It could be just leaving at 3:00 one day, but you get paid for the extra 2 hours.

    We also do chair massages every couple of months – the employees love this!

  2. We were and somewhat, stil are in the same situation. We hold periodic meetings with our employees to update them on situation and have found that they really appreciate the information and the honesty. We also have provided lunch for them a few times. Last year we were blessed with a large job which allowed us recall some of our employees and after they completed the job ahead of schedule, they all received a bonus in appreciation of their hard work. Remember them when times get better.

  3. Consider allowing them to leave early; once in a while; on days that it wouldn’t create a problem. For example: Tell employee A that you really appreciate all the hard work and if he/she can leave early today or tomorrow. Don’t give much warning……..employees get really excited and it goes a long way for Company PR. You control which days that work best and it’s free.
    I have also given a personal note with $ 5 or $10; for lunch; this goes over big too.
    I also make a point of giving a sincere “thank you” and often; letting them know how much I appreciate them. Make them feel invaluble. It works. Theses thing are good to do anyway.

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