Key phrases for managers

Managing people is a difficult task. Everyone responds to success and hardship differently. But Jay Goltz, author of the New York Times blog “You’re the Boss,” keeps on file favorite comments and phrases that have helped him manage all types of employees. His list includes:

  • “You’re going home a hero!”
  • “Don’t start with the, ‘That customer is crazy routine.’”
  • “That’s going to happen.”
  • “Are you telling me that you didn’t have 20 minutes in the last two weeks to get this done?”

To get a short explanation of the theory behind each saying, click here to read “Arming Your Managers” by Jay Goltz. Maybe it will inspire you to make your own list of what a good leader should say!


2 thoughts on “Key phrases for managers

  1. I actually think these tend to put your employees on the defensive, which does not always encourage the best results or a good relationship between management and employees. However, if Mr. Goltz’s blog is directed at people who wish to alienate their employees, it is probably a great blog.

  2. Eileen says:

    One or two of these rubbed me the wrong way at first, too. But I think there is a time and place to be tough on your employees. And being tough does not mean being a screamer – you can be firm but kind. I view it as holding your employees accountable, not being an oppressor.

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