Share your experience: how to get feedback from employees

Each week, we will post a question that the law doesn’t answer. But we know you can. What’s your best practice when it comes to dealing with this issue? To weigh in on the conversation, simply post a comment below. It’s easy – no sign-up is required!

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This week’s question:

Q: We tell our employees we have an “open door policy” for complaints, but no one takes advantage of this. What can we do to get feedback from employees?

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3 thoughts on “Share your experience: how to get feedback from employees

  1. I am wondering who the “we” is in this question. HR? Supervisors? An open door policy only works if the employees know the person on the other side of the door and have confidence and trust in that person. HR Staff need to be very visible in the company. If an employee knows at least a little something about the person with the open door and knows how they operate and what their style of dealing with complaints or problems is, people who come. Sometimes HR staff are seen as some sort of separate animal in offices somewhere that have nothing to do with the everyday operations or know anything about what it’s like to work in other departments and what goes on in them.

    Job shadowing is a good way for employees to see what goes on in other departments and create understanding and trust.

  2. Julie says:

    How about a suggestion box? It allows employees to ask questions or make comments about company practices anonymously. Or, how about an anonymous employee survey to gauge the climate? Zoomerang offers a free service that would allow you to create an online survey and email it out to your employees. Responses are collated but can remain anonymous.

  3. I developed a staff intranet with a message board on a Staff Only side. The staff loves it and they post all of the time even though their names appear on it. It started out as fun bantering and ended up with productive up to the minute happenings and ways to handle them or suggestions on how to improve things.
    I also have started allowing any staff member to give another staff member a pat on the back by giving them a coin for things that they do extremely well. I then have a list of things including a day off that they can earn with those coins. To give a coin they have to come in and tell me what it is for. If I approve it, they have to post the coin-earning deed on the message board.

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