Misclassifying “Independent contractors” could hurt you

Federal and state officials are turning up the heat on companies trying to pass off regular employees as independent contractors, and that means well-meaning employers like you could pay big for making a small mistake. The 6,000 audits the IRS warned us about have already begun and the Obama administration has plans to expand their investigations by hiring 100 more enforcement personnel. If you don’t know the difference between a regular employee and an independent contractor, the time to find out is now. Even if you think you know the distinctions, take the time today to review it because it could save you big. 

When you read “Independent Contractors” section from Wages and Hours – An Employers Guide by our partners at Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP, you’ll find:

  • The definition of employee
  • Real life examples of independent contractors and employees
  • Commonly asked questions and answers

Click here to read the section.

You can learn more about the government’s plans to crack down on worker classification by reading “U.S. Cracks Down on ‘Contractors’ as a Tax Dodge” by Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times. Click here to read the article.


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