2010 editions of the Tennessee HR Library are available now!

The HRidiot blog is written by American Chamber of Commerce Resources. We publish plain-English HR guides that connect you with  information you need to know to stay in compliance with state and federal labor laws. Basically, it’s your bookshelf HR Manager. And we just published the 2010 editions of the Tennessee HR Library, which includes the following publications:

  • Tennessee Human Resources Manual
  • Model Policies and Forms for Tennessee Employers 
  • Hiring, Firing and Discipline for Tennessee Employers
  • Wages and Hours for Tennessee Employers
  • Unemployment Compensation and Workers’ Compensation for Tennessee Employers

If you have a need for resources like these, you can visit our website to do some exploring. We have posted the complete table of contents from each book so you can see what kind of information they include. In addition, each book also has a sample chapter so you can see the format, lay out and writing style – try before you buy! To find out more about the Tennessee HR Library, click here.

We have state-specific editions in many states. Click here to see what publications are available in your state.


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